Erasmus Students – Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in studying in the Department of Biology, University of Patras within the framework of ERASMUS+ program.

Erasmus+ Placements Mobility

The general information for Erasmus+ incoming students at the University of Patras is provided in the following link:

Erasmus+ Mobility for Studies

The general information for Erasmus+ incoming students at the University of Patras is provided in the following link:

Academic Counseling

A list of undergraduate courses, advertised by the Biology Department for Erasmus+ incoming students for the academic year 2021-2022 is presented in the following table:



Course title



Developmental Biology ΒΙΟ‐ΣΤΥ1 6
Biostatistics BIO_BY01 8
Biochemistry Ι BIO_BY02 8
Biochemistry ΙΙ BIO_ΓΥ04 6
Genetics Ι ΒΙΟ_ΔΥ03 8
Genetics ΙΙ ΒΙΟ_ΕΥ01 6
General Chemistry BIO_AY01 8
Evolution ΒΙΟ_ΣTY5 6
Animal Biology Ι BIO_BY10 8
Animal Biology ΙΙ ΒΙΟ_ΓΥ05 6
The Science of Biology ΒΙΟ_ΑΥ06 8
Mathematics BIO_AY03 6
Molecular Biology ΙΙ ΒΙΟ_EY05 6
Ecology Ι ΒΙΟ_ΣΤΥ3 6
Ecology ΙΙ ΒΙΟ_ΖΥ03 6
Physics ΒΙΟ_ΑΥ05 8


Immunobiology ΒΙΟ_ΖΕ01 6
Biogeography ΒΙΟ_ΣΤ2 6
Bioinformatics BIO_ΗΕ2 3
Biodiversity and Conservation Biology ΒΙΟ_ΣΤ1 3
Human and Medical Genetics ΒΙΟ_ΗΒ2 3
Selected Topics in Cell Biology ΒΙΟ_ΖΒ3 3
Special Topics in Molecular Biology ΒΙΟ_ZB4 3
Advanced Topics in Botany ΒΙΟ_ΣΤΕ7 6
Applied Ethics and Bioethics ΒΙΟ_ΕΕ07 3
Ethology BIO_HE12 3
Marine Ecology BIO_ΖΑ1 6
Ichthyology ΒΙΟ_ΕΕ02 6
Instrumental Analysis of Biomolecules BΙΟ_ΓΕ02 3
Molecular Biotechnology BIO_HE14 3
English for Biology Students ΒΙΟ_BYO5 3
Vegetation Ecology ΒΙΟ_ΗΕ09 6
Fauna of Greece ΒΙΟ_HE16 6
Radiobiology ΒΙΟ_ΣΤΒ2 3
Environmental Pollution ΒΙΟ_ΗΕ15 6
Elements of Geology and Palaeontology ΒΙΟ_ΕΑ4 6
Aquaculture ΒΙΟ_ΗΕ18 6
Physical Chemistry ΒΙΟ_ΓΕ06 3
Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services ΒΙΟ_ΧΑΡΤ 3
Food Chemistry and Technology BIO_ΓΕ04 6
Diploma Thesis I ΒΙΟ_ΖΕ08 6
Diploma Thesis II ΒΙΟ_ΗΕ03 12

Greek Language Course – Course on Greek Culture and Civilization

The Greek Language and Culture Lab offers two types of courses to the Erasmus+ incoming students of the University of Patras:

a) Language courses that cover basic knowledge of Greek [levels A1 and A2], for communicative purposes. No prior knowledge of Greek is required.
b) Greek culture and civilization courses that introduce the students to some landmarks of the Greek civilization in ancient and modern times, and in relation to the history of Patras.

The language courses are funded by Erasmus programme. Both courses are free of charge and they are offered in the winter and spring semesters during the academic year.

For information about the courses and any other issue related to the educational aspects of their mobility, incoming students may contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator of the Biology Department:

Eleftheria Rosmaraki, Assistant Professor
Departmental Erasmus+ Coordinator, Biology Department, University of Patras
Tel: +30 2610 997407