The Department of Biology was founded in 1967 and is the first Department of Biology to be established at a Greek University. The Department provides studies related to all aspects of the science of Biology, from the molecular and cellular level, to that of ecosystems.

The research activities of the members of the Department cover a wide range of cutting-edge biological technologies and basic sciences. The Department of Biology is housed in a 25000 sq.m. building and has significant infrastructure in scientific equipment distributed in educational and research laboratories.


The Department of Biology belongs to the School of Sciences of the University of Patras, a continuation of the School of Physics and Mathematics founded in 1966. In May 1967, the School of Physics and Mathematics is divided into 4 Departments: Biology, Mathematics, Physics and of Chemistry. The Department of Biology operated for the first time in 1967–1968, with four students.

The first chairs established are: of Biology, with Director Professor K. Christodoulou, of Botany, with Director Professor G. Lavrentiadis, and of Zoology, with Director Professor I. Ontria. Τhe chair of Genetics is established, with Professor M. Pelekanos as Director. In 1972, with the departure of Professor G. Lavrentiadis, the chair of Botany was occupied by the former associate professor D. Foitos. Later, with Presidential Decree 185/1974, the following chairs were established: Human and Animal Physiology, with Professor Th. Balkana as Director and Plant Physiology as Director, with Professor N. Gavalas as Director. In 1978 the positions of assistant professors of Biology and Zoology are transformed into extraordinary independent chairs occupied by the permanent professors V. Marmaras and I. Lykakis respectively.

V. Marmaras 1983 – 1985
I. Likakis 1985 – 1987
K. Christodoulou 1987 – 1989
St. Alachiotis 1989 – 1994
V. Marmaras 1994 – 1995
Th. Georgiadis 1995 – 1999
V. Marmaras 1999 – 2003
A. Mintzas 2003 – 2005
Th. Georgiadis 2005 – 2009
I. Iatrou 2009 – 2013
K. Koutsikopoulos 2013 – 2014
I. Iatrou 2014 – 2016
G.Stephanou 2016 – 2018
P.Katsoris 2018-2022


With the Law – Framework 1268 of 1982, for the A.E.I. The seats are abolished, and the Department is divided into the following three Sectors:

  • Section of Animal Biology
  • Section of Plant Biology
  • Section of Genetics, Cell & Developmental Biology

The following Laboratories and Museums are legislated in the Department:

  • Biology Laboratory [Royal Decree 348/1967]
  • Botany Laboratory [Royal Decree 348/1967]
  • Zoology Laboratory [Royal Decree 348/1967]
  • Genetics Laboratory [Royal Decree 85/1968]
  • Botanical Museum [Presidential Decree 360/1973]
  • Zoological Museum [Presidential Decree 360/1973]
  • Tissue Culture Laboratory [Presidential Decree 455/1974]
  • Laboratory of Experimental Animals [Presidential Decree 455/1974]
  • Laboratory of Human & Animal Physiology [Presidential Decree 181/1977]
  • Plant Physiology Laboratory [Presidential Decree 181/1977]

The Department also has:


The Department of Biology organizes the following Curricula:

Participation of the Department in Postgraduate Programs

The Department of Biology also participates in the following Postgraduate Programs:

Head of Department

The Department of Biology is housed together with the Department of Mathematics in a single three-floor building in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Patras building complex. The distribution of activities in the premises of the building is as follows:

  • GROUND FLOOR: Department Secretariat, meeting room, seminar room, Department Reading Room, Computer Center, classrooms, Botanical Museum, Zoological Museum.
  • 1st FLOOR: Department of Plant Biology.
  • 2nd FLOOR: Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Growth, Plant Ecology.
  • 3rd FLOOR: Department of Animal Biology.
  • BASEMENT: Electron Microscopy Laboratory, classrooms, warehouses.