The Botanical Garden occupies an area of 35 acres and is located in the NE. end of the University Campus of Patras. The basic building structure of the Botanical Garden has been completed with a central building of 1355 sq.m. multipurpose (space intended for Herbarium, lecture hall, laboratory spaces, offices, storage spaces, etc.), with two greenhouses of 645 sq.m. with a network of sidewalks 600 m., parking space of 500 sq.m., cultivation areas of 2,500 sq.m. (including greenhouses), etc.

The Botanical Garden of the University of Patras in its full development, will perform important work, in terms of scientific research and education of students, environmental education and training of students and teachers in the area and not only, cultivation of aromatic, medicinal and beekeeping plants, as well as a seed bank. However, one of the main reasons for its creation is the protection of the Biodiversity of the “Greek flora”. The Greek flora includes 6,600 taxa (species and subspecies), of which about 1300 taxa are endemic to Greece, ie they grow only in Greece, while 300 taxa grow in very small populations, which are under strong environmental and other pressures and threatened with extinction.

Purposes of operation of the Botanical Garden:

  • The collection, cultivation and study of plant species that exist in our country, in neighboring countries in the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Europe.
  • The utilization of aromatic medicinal apiaries and all plants of commercial interest.
  • The facilitation of the education of the students of the University of Patras in matters concerning the collection and cultivation and any form of study concerning the “Greek flora”
  • The protection and management of populations of endangered and endangered species with the aim of reintegration into nature where needed.
  • Raising public awareness, especially of young people, on environmental issues, the role of plants in the functions and stability of ecosystems.
  • The development of collaborations with other related units and especially with Botanical Gardens in Greece and abroad.

It is governed by a 3-member committee from the Department of Biology and the Department of Pharmacy, chaired by Professor Mr. Grigori Iatrou.
It has 2 staff members who are also in the Department of Biology.

The University of Patras has been struggling for many years to operate a Botanical Garden in this area, which will serve mainly educational and laboratory needs. The whole effort, however, stops in a legal gap, which does not allow the University to hire the necessary staff.

For the needs of the Garden, scientific researchers are required to undertake the organization and operation of the Botanical Garden, ETEP, gardeners and guards who will be used as auxiliary technical staff. The members of the Department of Plant Biology of the Department of Biology of the University of Patras are willing to contribute scientifically, but they can not undertake this huge project without the assistance of research and technical staff which will be exclusive and full time for the organization and operation of the Garden.

The experimental garden is located in the atrium of the building of the Department of Biology and is used for the immediate research needs of the researchers of the Department of Plant Biology who are engaged in the Cytotaxic study of higher plants.