Faculty Staff / Section of Animal Biology
Associate Professor

Office location: 3rd Floor
Email: sdailianis@upatras.gr
Telephone: +30 2610 969213, +30 2610 969212 (Lab).


  • Degree in Biology (2000), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Biology
  • Doctorate (2005), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Biology

Educational activities

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Animal Biology I: Basal Phyla and Protostomes
  • Animal Biology II: Deuterostomes
  • Ichthyology
  • Environmental Pollution

Postgraduate Courses:

  • Assessment and Μanagement of Αquatic Εcosystems
  • Ecological Genetics & Ecotoxicology
  • Anthropogenic impacts on the Marine Environment

Research and other activities

Aquatic Toxicology; Biomonitoring of the marine environment, using organisms – Bioindicators and stress indices/Biomarkers (NRRT assay, MN assay, Comet assay, antioxidant molecules and enzymes); Oxidative stress and genotoxicity/mutagenicity; Signaling molecules in tissues of challenged aquatic species; Environmental impact of wastewaters and leachates; Determination of inorganic and organic pollutants in tissues of aquatic organisms and the water body; Physicochemical characterization of wastewaters using analytical techniques.

Representative Publications

  • Dailianis, S., Charalampous, N., Giokas, S., Vlastos, D., Efthimiou, I., Dormousoglou, M., Cocilovo, C., Faggio, C., Shehu, A., Shehu, J., Lyberatos, G. and Ntaikou, I. (2021). Chemical and biological tracking in decentralized sanitation systems: The case of artificial constructed wetlands. J. Environ. Manage. 300: 113799.
  • Kalamaras, G., Kloukinioti, M., Antonopoulou, M., Ntaikou, I., Vlastos, D., Eleftherianos, A. and Dailianis, S. (2021). The Potential Risk of Electronic Waste Disposal into Aquatic Media: The Case of Personal Computer Motherboards. Toxics 9 (7): 166.
  • Vidali, M.S., Dailianis, S., Vlastos, D. and Georgiadis, P. 2021. PCBs cause global DNA hypomethylation of human peripheral blood monocytes in vitro. Toxicol. Pharmacol. 87: 103696.
  • Pappa, A., Papadimitriou-Tsantarliotou, A., Kaloyianni, M., Kastrinaki, G., Dailianis, S., Lambropoulou, D.A., Christodoulou, E., Kyzas, G.Z. and Bikiaris, D.N. 2021. Insights into the toxicity of biomaterials microparticles with a combination of cellular and oxidative biomarkers. Hazard. Mater. 413, 125335.
  • Efthimiou, I., Kalamaras, G., Papavasileiou, K., Anastasi-Papathanasi, N., Georgiou, Y., Dailianis, S., Deligiannakis, Y. and Vlastos, D. (2021). ZnO, Ag and ZnO-Ag nanoparticles exhibit differential modes of toxic and oxidative action in hemocytes of mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis. Total Environ. 767: 144699.
  • Papadopoulos, P.K., Economou, C.N., Dailianis, S., Charalampous, N., Stefanidou, N., Moustaka-Gouni, M., Tekerlekopoulou, G.A. and Vayenas, V.D. (2020). Brewery wastewater treatment using cyanobacterial-bacterial settleable aggregates. Algal Res. 49: 101957.
  • Efthimiou, I., Georgiou, Y., Vlastos D., Dailianis, S. and Deligiannakis, Y. (2020). Assessing the cyto-genotoxic potential of model zinc oxide nanoparticles in the presence of humic-acid-polycondesate (HALP) and the leonardite HA (LHA). Total Environ. 721: 137625.
  • Kloukinioti, M., Politi, A., Kalamaras, G. and Dailianis, S. (2020). Feeding regimes modulate biomarkers responsiveness in mussels treated with diclofenac. Mar. Environ. Res. 156: 104919.
  • Genethliou, C., Kornaros, M. and Dailianis, S. (2020). Biodegradation of olive mill wastewater phenolic compounds in a thermophilic anaerobic upflow packed bed reactor and assessment of their toxicity in digested effluents. J. Environ. Manage. 255: 109882.
  • Tsarpali, V., Kassara, C., Barboutis, C., Papadimitraki, M., Kloukinioti, M., Giokas, S. and Dailianis, S. (2020). Assessing the seasonal and intrinsic variability of neurotoxic and cyto-genotoxic biomarkers in blood of free-living Eleonoras’ falcons. Total Environ. 711: 135101.
  • Charalampous, N., Grammatikopoulos, G., Kourmentza, C., Kornaros, M. and Dailianis, S. (2019). Effects of Burkholderia thailandensis rhamnolipids on the unicellular algae Dunaliella tertiolecta. Ecotoxicol. Environ. Saf. 182: 109413.