Faculty Staff / Section of Genetics, Cell & Developmental Biology
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Office location: 2nd floor
Email: gkallergi@upatras.gr, kalergi@med.uoc.gr
Telephone: +30 2610 969248
References: Research Hub for the European Liquid Biopsy Society


  • 1995 BSc in Biology, Department of Biology, University of Patras, Greece.
  • 1997 MSc in Cell Biology, Laboratory of Physiology, Department of Biology, University of Crete, Greece.
  • 2003 PhD in Biochemistry, Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, University of Crete, Greece.
  • 2003-2006 Postdoctoral Research in Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, University of Crete, Greece.
  • 2006-2015 Senior Researcher in Laboratory of Tumor Biology, School of Medicine, University of Crete, Greece.
  • 2015 Visitor scientist/international Collaboration in «The microtubule, signal transduction lab», Medicine, Division of Hematology & Medical Oncology, Weill Cornell Medical College 1300 York Avenue. (Head of the lab Prof. Paraskevi Giannakakou) and in Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum NCI Cancer Center, University of Maryland School of Medicine (Head of the lab Prof. Stuart S. Martin)

Educational activities

  • Undergeaduate courses: Biochemistry I, Biochemistry II
  • Postgraduate courses: Cancer Biology/Biomarkers

Research and other activities

  • Investigation of new signaling pathways in cancer cells related to the metastatic procedure.
  • Detection and characterization of circulating cancer cells (CTCs) isolated from the blood stream of cancer patients.
  • Development of new liquid biopsy diagnostic tools for patients with breast, prostate, and lung cancer.
  • Study of micrometastatic disease in the bone marrow of cancer patients.
  • Investigation of the interaction among cancer cells, tumor microenvironment and immune system.
  • Development of new 3D culture methods for cancer cells and CTCs.

Active Research programs:

  • Caratheodori 2020 Basic Research: Phenotypic and Functional characterization of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) isolated from Triple Negative Breast cancer (TNBC) patients
  • International collaboration with King Saud University 2020: The novel oncogene KDM2B in the epigenetic regulation of the cytoskeleton
  • ESPA 2019: RESEARCH-CREATION-INNOVATION: Development of innovative diagnostic tools for the detection and characterization of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in patients’ blood.
  • ESPA 2017: RESEARCH-CREATION-INNOVATION: Hyperspectral Artificial Vision-Guided Robotic Microscope.

Representative Publications

  • Evangelia Pantazaka, Vasileios Vardas, Argyro Roumeliotou, Stavros Kakavogiannis, Galatea Kallergi. Clinical Relevance of Mesenchymal- and Stem-Associated Phenotypes in Circulating Tumor Cells Isolated from Lung Cancer Patients, Cancers (Basel) 2021 Apr 29;13(9):2158
  • G. Kallergi, O. Hoffmann, AK. Bittner, L. Papadimitriou, N Zacharopoulou, M. Zervakis, S. Sfakianakis, C. Stournaras, V. Georgoulias, R. Kimmig, S. Kasimir-Bauer. CXCR4 and JUNB double positive disseminated tumor cells are frequently detected in breast cancer patients at primary diagnosis (Under press in Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology)
  • N. Zacharopoulou, G. Kallergi, S. Alkahtani, A. Tsapara, S. Alarifi, E. Schmid, S. Kampranis, F. Lang and C. Stournaras. The histone demethylase KDM2B activates FAK and PI3K that control tumor cell motility (Under press in Cancer Biology & Therapy) Jun 2;21(6):533-540
  • G. Kallergi, V. Tsintari, S Sfakianakis, E.S. Bei, N. Zacharopoulou, C. Stournaras, M. Zervakis and V. Georgoulias The prognostic value of JUNB-positive CTCs in metastatic breast cancer; from bioinformatics to immunophenotype. Breast Cancer Res. 2019 Aug 1;21(1):86.
  • Kotsakis, G. Kallergi, D. Agouraki, Lyristi, Zaharoula, E. Lagoudaki, A. Koutsopoulos, V. Georgoulias E.K. Vetsika,. CD8+PD-1+T cells and PD-L-1+ CTCs in chemotherapy naïve NSCLC: Towards their clinical relevance Ther Adv Med Oncol. 2019 Jun 12;11
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  • N. Zacharopoulou, A. Tsapara, G. Kallergi, E. Schmid, S. Alkahtani, , S. C. Kampranis, and Ch. Stournaras. The epigenetic factor KDM2B regulates EMT and small GTPases in colon tumor cells. Cell Physiol Biochem, 2018 May 14;47(1):368-377
  • G. Kallergi, E.K. Vetsika, D. Agouraki, E. Lagoudaki, A. Koutsopoulos, F. Koinis , P. Katsarlinos, M. Trypaki, I. Messaritakis, C. Stournaras, V. Georgoulias, A. Kotsakis. Evaluation of PD-L1/PD-1 on Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology Journal, 2018 Jan 15;10
  • N. Zacharopoulou, A.Tsapara, G.Kallergi, E. Schmid, P.N. Tsichlis, S. C Kampranis& C. Stournaras RhoA/B-GTPases-governed actin cytoskeleton signaling regulates KDM2B-induced motility in prostate cancer cells Biochim Biophys Acta. 2018 Apr;1865(4):587-597.
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