Faculty Staff / Section of Animal Biology
Professor of Evolutionary Ecology
Office Location: 3rd Floor
Email: sinosg@upatras.gr
Telephone: +30 2610 969218
Website: https://evolecol.upatras.gr/


  • BSc, Department of Biology, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (1988)
  • PhD, Department of Biology, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (1996)

Educational activities


  • Undergraduate courses: i) Animal Biology I, ii) Ethology, iii) Biogeography, iv) Biodiversity & Conservation Biology.
  • Postgraduate courses: i) Sampling, Data Analysis & Ecological Models, ii) Biodiversity Assessment and Biomonitoring of Species & Habitats.


  • Supervision of 7 PhD, 17 MSc and 28 undergraduate theses.

Research and other activities

  • My research focuses on the relationship between ecological and evolutionary processes. Specifically, my research interests include: (1) the study of the evolutionary ecology of terrestrial animals, focusing on their phylogeny and the processes of their speciation and differentiation, as well as their behavioral, morphological, ecological, physiological and population adaptations, (2) the investigation of the biodiversity patterns of island and continental animal communities and the processes that shape them.
  • I have extensive experience in: (1) Ecological field research. Since 1987 I have participated in numerous in numerous expeditions to collect biological material in mainland Greece, and in more than 80 islands and islets of the Aegean and Ionian Seas, (2) in the generation and analysis of molecular, ecological and morphological data.
  • I have participated in 40 research projects of the Departments of Biology of the Universities of Athens, Crete and Patras. I was Scientific Leader in 20 of them.

Representative Publications

  • Androulidaki P-A, Giokas S (2023). Age structure and reproductive pattern of the rock-dwelling land snail Albinaria arcadica along an elevational gradient. Journal of Conchology 44 (5).
  • Kassara C, Evangelidis A, Tsiopelas N, Barboutis C, Giokas S (2022). Seasonal and daily activity patterns by Eleonora’s Falcon Falco eleonorae based on GPS telemetry: A contribution to the species’ movement ecology at its breeding grounds. Bird Conservation International 32: 154-171.
  • Thanou E, Kypraios-Skrekas V, Kornilios P, Giokas S (2021). Ecomorphological divergence and lack of gene flow in two sympatric Balkan slow worms (Squamata: Anguidae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 134: 443-460.
  • Giokas S, Maximiadi M, Kassara C, Alexandrou O, Catsadorakis G (2020). Mixed-Species Flock Fishing in Dalmatian Pelicans: Patterns and Benefits. Ardea 108: 65-72.
  • Tzortzakaki O., Kati V., Panitsa M, Tzanatos E, Giokas S (2019). Butterfly diversity along the urbanization gradient in a densely-built Mediterranean city: Land cover is more decisive than resources in structuring communities. Landscape & Urban Planning, 183: 79-87.
  • Tzortzakaki O, Kati V, Kassara C, Tietze D, Giokas S (2018). Seasonal patterns of urban bird diversity in a Mediterranean coastal city: the positive role of open green spaces. Urban Ecosystems 21: 27-39.
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  • Sotiropoulos K, Eleftherakos K, Tsaparis D, Kasapidis P, Giokas S, Legakis A, Kotoulas G (2013). Fine scale spatial genetic structure of two syntopic newts across a network of ponds: implications for conservation. Conservation Genetics 14: 385-400.
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