Faculty Staff / Section of Genetics, Cell & Developmental Biology
Laboratory Teaching Personnel
Office Location: 2nd floor (ΒΜ285)
Email: stsakas@upatras.gr
Telephone: +30 2610 969221


  • Degree in Biology (1985), Department of Biology, University of Patras
  • Doctorate (1991), Department of Biology, University of Patras

Educational activities

Undergeaduate Laboratory Courses:

  • Cell Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Immunobiology

Undergeaduate Courses:

  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Thesis supervision
  • Internship supervision

Research and other activities

  • Cell signaling in bacteria phagocytosis and LPS endocytosis by human blood neutrophils.
  • Effects of Chronic Kidney Disease on innate immunity: phagocytosis, endocytosis

Representative Publications

Review articles

  • Giannakodimos I, Gkountana G, Lykouras D, Karkoulias K, Tsakas S. The Role of Interleukin-6 in the Pathogenesis, Prognosis and Treatment of Severe COVID-19. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2021, 28, 1-11.
  • Tsakas S, Marmaras VJ. Insect immunity and its signalling; an overview. Invertebrate Survival Journal 2010, 7, 228-238.
  • Tsakas S, Goumenos DS. Accurate measurement and clinical significance of urinary transforming growth factor-beta1. American Journal of Nephrology 2006, 26, 186-193.

Original articles

  • Pappas ME, Mpournaka S, katopodis P, Chardalias A, Tsakas S, Eleftheriadis T, Papachristou E, Katopodis K, Goumenos DS. The effect of dialysis modality and membrane performance on native immunity in dialysis patients. PRILOZI, Section of Medical Sciences 2019, 40, 25-32.
  • Petropoulos M, Karamolegkou G, Rosmaraki E, Tsakas S. Hydrogen peroxide signals E. coli phagocytosis by human polymorphonuclear cells; up-stream and down-stream pathway. Redox Biology 2015, 6, 100–105.
  • Armpi M, Pouliliou S, Lampropoulou M, Marmaras VJ, Tsakas S. Hydrogen peroxide is produced by E. coli challenged haemocytes and regulates phagocytosis, in the medfly Ceratitis capitata. The active role of superoxide dismutase. Developmental & Comparative Immunology 2011, 35, 865– 871.
  • Kalliakmani P, Nakopoulou L, Tsakas S, Gerolymos M, Papasotiriou Μ, Goumenos DS. Urinary interleukin-6 (IL-6) and transforming growth factor (TGF-β) levels in corticosteroid treated patients with IgA nephropathy. Clinical Nephrology 2011, 76,144-50.
  • Sideri M, Tsakas S, Markoutsa E, Lampropoulou M, Marmaras VJ. Innate immunity in insects: Surface-associated dopa decarboxylase-dependent pathways regulate phagocytosis, nodulation and melanization in medfly haemocytes. Immunology 2008, 123, 528-537.