Department of Biology - An Introduction

The Department of Biology was founded in 1967 and was the first Biology Department founded in a Greek University.

The Department provides education on all aspects of biological science, from molecular and cellular level up to that of an ecosystem. The research activities of the Department members cover a wide range of biological state of the art technologies, but also of basic science.

Parallel to the Programme of Undergraduate Studies, an official Programme of Post-graduate Studies has been established in the Department since 1993. The Department also participates in the following Post-graduate Programs of Studies:

  • Interdepartmental Post-graduate Studies in Environmental Sciences
  • Interdepartmental Post-graduate Studies in Electronics and Processing of Information
  • Interdepartmental Post-graduate Studies in Informatics for Life Sciences

The Biology Department is housed in a 25000 m2 building and possesses significant infrastructure in scientific equipment distributed in several educational and research laboratories.

  • Plant Biology
  • Animal Biology
  • Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology


  • Laboratory of Biology
  • Laboratory of Botany
  • Laboratory of Zoology
  • Laboratory of Genetics
  • Laboratory of Human and Animal Physiology
  • Laboratory of Plant Physiology

Museums :

  • Zoology Museum
  • Botanic Museum
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