Faculty Staff / Section of Plant Biology
Laboratory Teaching Personnel
Office Location:1st Floor, office No 106 &  2nd Floor, office No 258.
Email: dimitrg@upatras.gr
Telephone: +30 2610 997439, +30 2610 997648


  • BSc in: Forestry and Natural Environment, School of Geotechnical Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1985)
  • PhD, in Biology-Ecology, Department of Biology, University of Patras, Greece, (2006)

Educational activities

  • Graduate level Courses: Vegetation Ecology, Laboratory exercises: Plant Biology I & II, Ecology II,
  • Postgraduate level Courses: Biodiversity Evaluation and Biomonitoring of species and habitats, Environmental planning and management of natural areas.

Research and other activities

Research activities:

  • Flora, Vegetation, habitat types, phytosociology
  • Ecological evaluation of species plants and habitat types
  • Biomonitoring of species plants and habitat types
  • Aromatic and pharmaceutical plants
  • Botanical Garden
  • Restoration of species and habitat types of disturbed ecosystems
  • Participation in Greek and international conferences with announcements.
  • Participation as a research associate in 30 Greek and international research programs.
  • Member of the Hellenic Botanical Society.

Participation in research programs

  • Ecological impacts and management of the Acheron-Kalama and Kalodiki wetlands, from the agricultural activities – EEC, 1993-1995.
  • Identification Evaluation and mapping of the habitat types and flora and fauna species in Greece – LIFE (Directive 92/43/EEC),1994-11996.
  • Establishment of a Natural History Museum at the Valley of Butterflies of Rhodes Island (1997-1999).
  • Identification & Description of habitat types in areas of interest for nature conservation, NATURA 2000 (1999-2002)
  • Bio-Monitoring Project – Monitoring Plant species and Habitats for the Airport of Spata. (1997- 1999, 2006-2008).
  • PRO-HERBS: “Resource protection, management and promotion of ecological awareness for the sustainable exploitation of edible Herbs and Spices” INTERREG III B ARCHIMED 2000-2006. (2006-2008).’
  • Conservation plan concerning the population of Centaurea niederi in the quarry of Araxos. (2011-2013).
  • INTERREG ΕΛΛΑΔΑ-ΙΤΑΛΙΑ Ι1.11.06:RE.HERB: Recording, documentation, promotion and distribution of the aromatic and therapeutic herbs, plants and plant products (2011-2015).
  • LIFE-IP 4 NATURA “Integrated actions for the conservation and management of Natura 2000 sites, species, habitats and ecosystems in Greece” (2018-2019).

Representative Publications

  • Dimitrellos G. & Christodoulakis D. 1995: The flora of Mount Timfristos (NW Sterea Ellas, Greece). Flora Mediterranea 5: 9-50.
  • Georgiadis, Th., Dimitrellos G. & Routsi E. 1996: Centaurea messenicolasiana (Asteraceae), a new species of Cent. Phalolepis (Cass.) DC from Greece. Willdenowia 25: 561-569.
  • Georgiadis Th., Dimopoulos P., and Dimitrellos G. 1997: Flora and Vegetation of the Acheron Delta (W Greece) Aiming at Nature Conservation. Phyton (Horn, Austria) 37: 31-60.
  • Dimitrellos G. & Christodoulakis D. 1999: The phytogeographical distribution patterns of the flora of Mt Timfristos (N.W. Sterea Ellas, Greece). Flora Mediterranea 9: 215-230.
  • Tsogas G., Giokas D.,  Kapakoglou N., Efstathiou D., Vlessidis A., Dimitrellos G., Georgiadis Th., and A. V. Xarhanti. 2000: Land-Based classification of herbs’s origin based on supervised and unsupervised pattern recognition of plant and soil chemical profiling. Analytical Letters, 43:1-18, 2010.ISSN:0003-2719 print/1532-236X online
  • Spanou S., Verroios G., Dimitrellos G., Tiniakou A., Georgiadis T., Anagnostopoulos A. 2007: Establishing a bio-monitoring program of plant species and habitats of the Mesogaia area (Athens, Greece): Baseline survey results. Journal of Biological Research, 8: 159 – 166.
  • Kougioumoutzis K., Tiniakou A., Dimitrellos G. & Georgiadis Th. 2010: Evaluation of the flora and vegetation of Trizonia island-floristic affinities with small Ionian Islands. Bot.- Chron. 20: 45-61.
  • Kokkoris I., Dimitrellos G., Kougioumoutzis K., Laliotis I., Georgiadis Th. &Tiniakou A. 2014: The native flora of Mountain Panachaikon (Peloponnese, Greece): new records and diversity. Journal of Biological Research-Thessaloniki, 21:9